ID: Julian Waters - Ruling Pen - White on Black
Size: 7"w x 8"h

It's hard for me to work on just doing exercises... so I usually veer off on my own path. This was one of those times where I used my new Tim's Folding pens on Black Arches Cover which is a textured heavy weight paper and my Copic white opaque ink mixed 50/50 with distilled water. I then did a shadow line using Ecoline Gold and a ruling pen. The small monoline letters done with Pearlescent Silver Moss. 

Julian Waters Ruling Pen page 1
October 31 & November 1, 2015

Created: November 5, 2015

I recently took a class with Julian Waters "Two Personalities of the Ruling Pen". 



ID: Julian Waters - Ruling Pen - Believe
Size: 7"w x 4"h
Since I had the Ecoline gold open I worked on this piece on the black Arches cover. Shadow lines with the white opaque.


ID: Julian Waters - Ruling Pen - Texture Weight Brown
Size: 6"w x 7"h

One of the exercises was to have a variety of texture/weight.

Created on a yellow toned MiTientes paper which has a bit of texture, Tim's pen and Higgin's Brown ink.

ID: Julian Waters - Ruling Pen - Sometimes Your Smile
Size: 7"w x 7"h

At the beginning of class I created the background on Canson Biggie 90# CP watercolor paper (smooth side), thinking to do a negative water lifting technique... didn't work, so instead used my pen filed with water and then dropped QoR watercolors into the wetness, using the same colors as the background. When dry, shadowed with the Copic white.


A couple exercises...

ID: Julian Waters - Ruling Pen - Graphite
Size: 6.5"w x 11"h

Another side trip... This time I picked up a graphite stick. wrote my letters and then used the edge to highlight them. - nothing to do with a ruling pen...

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