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Julian Waters Blackletter
November 2 & 3, 2015

Created: November 5, 2015

I recently took a class with Julian Waters "Blackletter Variations".  





Creating thick bold letters overlapping or touching the previous letters to create density.

ID: Julian Waters - Blackletter - Laughter
Size: 7"w x 9"h

Another side trip this time using my 6.0mm Parallel pen filled with Sumi ink & H2 on Terra Skin paper, dipping the pen into QoR diluted purple watercolor with Schminke gold powder. Love the effect it gave...


This time I used an empty 6.0mm Parallel pen dipping it into a diluted purple QoR watercolor with the Schminke gold powder on the Tea Skin paper. I absolutely love this paper for writing on - the pen just glides...


A little practice... on Genoa Bond paper and Parallel pen/Sumi ink.


I was playing with my Molotow pen which was a little dry giving me these fabulous streaks. This is the 3rd take, this time only doing the vowels with the Molotow and adding the rest of the letters within. I want to do a good piece of this idea in the near future...


And for a treat - a word Julian wrote on Terra Skin using my Parallel pen. Just gorgeous...

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