"Blackletter - Misc Stuff - P3"

Created: June 1, 2018

This is a misc hodgepodge of stuff...

ID: Remember When
size: 7"w x 3.5"h 

I had written this word in class and wanted to put some flourishes on the words. Not easy for me.... I was frustrated. I kept trying to add the flourishes to the two tall letters. Renate gave me the homework to get it done BIG GRIN. I finally decided to forget about the tall letters and just do a flourish... I love the way it turned out. Doesn't matter if it's right or wrongly done, I'm pleased with the results. 

3.8mm Parallel Pen on Genoa Bond paper with Sumi ink.

ID: Blackletter - Words Form
size: 8"w x 8"h 

I used a dirty 3.8mm Parallel Pen dipped into watercolur (Chromium Oxide) and sprinkled with Schmincke Rich Pale Gold powder. Some of the black Sumi ink is peeking through...


This is the last day for the blackletter class. Renate had paired some pencils with elastic and asked us to draw a letter. Then either outline it or do whatever to embellish it.

Don't look at the straightness... my pencils didn't have an elastic around them so it wobbled a bit... I used colored pencils blending yellow into red., then adding some of my pointed pen border dots I learned in Paul Antonio's Flourishing class. 

Another exercise was design in the round. I used the bottom of my yogurt container to draw my main circle. Then decided which pen to use and drew little dots to guide my height. 

I did my alphabet around half the circle, then decided on the words "Letters speak, I listen". I wrote the text out and then positioned it around the circle, then wrote it out. I was a little off, so added a doodle.

An easier way is to write the text with the nib you'll use.

Length of text 3.14 () = diameter of circle.

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