Framed: 12"w X 11"h 

I have a passion for mushrooms. I wanted these mushrooms to glow. I used colored pencils in blues with white halos on black Mi-Tientes cardstock. I wrote the poem after searching the net for an appropriate quote which I couldn't find. I used my white mix (Jacquard Neopaque, FW Acrylic white and some water) and a layer of gold metal powder, using a script type nib. You can't see it in the image, but the white has this golden haze to it. The pic below shows the black mat with a white core and the black brushed metal frame. I love the way the white core emphasizes the halo.

Won a 2nd place ribbon at the 2007 Calgary Stampede

Mushroom Framed

Matted and framed

Subsist on water

A touch of loam,

Live in shadow

Asking nothing.

Pokers and shovers

Can't help ourselves;

By morning's light 

We've multiplied.

Excuse me, mushroomed.


Mushroom Detail

Close up of the mushroom and calligraphy.

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