ID: Yalpha Q

Mailing Due Date: Dec 10, 2008
4.5"w x 4"h

I recently learnt this style of Quilled teardrop, so I thought I'd put it into practice. And since I also recently learnt this style of split Uncials and the "Q" being my favorite letter in that style, the two were just made for each other.

I used white 110# cardstock in accordion fold style. The letter Q on the front is done with a medium automatic pen using a blue/green gouache with gold powder floating on top. The smaller lettering was done with a Mitchel small nib.


The word "Quality" was done with Roberson's water gold size which is a thicker consistency than Jerry Tresser's gold size and leaves a nice raised form for the gold leaf to cling to. I applied it with an empty mini water brush. Waited for it to dry and then "breathe" on it before applying my red variegated gold leaf. I love running my finger over the raised lettering. Big Grin. It's done on a Bazzill's Bling (pearlescent cardstock)

I wrote the quotes using a Mitchel small nib and Dr Martin's drawing ink in a turquoise color. The 2 vertical bars was done with Sookwang double sided tape and Ritz Glitz glitter in a coppery tone.

I wrote this quote onto a piece of linen stationary using a small automatic pen for the "Q" and a small Mitchell nib and then a micron pen for the monoline. Then adhered it to the mingle page. This is the inside back.

my particulars are on the very back page, not shown.


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