ID: Yalpha F

Mailing Due Date: Nov 12, 2008

4.5"w x 4.5"h

I recently learnt doing these split kind of Uncials and have been playing with them ever since, so I thought I'd use them in this month' Yalpha mingle. And as usual it got a little more involved... I almost didn't make the deadline.


The mingle is done on cream toned Fabriano Tiziano cardstock #003. I wrote the large letters for the word "Friends" using a medium sized folded automatic pen, from Betty Locke I bought several years ago and love, and Ecoline inks (Carmine, Deep Yellow, Ultramarine Blue Light, Green Light, & Light Yellow).

The poem is done with a 1.5 parallel pen that had Magic Color Sepia ink in it.

I searched the net and found this one and it sounded just like what I wanted to say.

I didn't do any preliminary layout, which is why you get scrunched letters here and there. C'est la vie. It's readable and me...

I used a brass stencil to dry emboss stars on the front to reinforce the friend and stars relationship. I added some Ritz Glitz micro fine glitter (Stardust) on some of the stars - just a bit of pizzazz. I glued on the red ribbon to hold the accordion closed. It follows the cross over line of the "F".


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