ID: Yalpha D

Mailing Due Date: June 11, 2008
4.5"w x 4"h

This mingle page evolved from something I was trying, to see if it would work for one of my Stampede pieces. And it did, so I will now make a larger version.
I used Arches black cardstock which has a slightly rough surface like a 90# CP watercolor paper. 

The letter "D" was done on Arches 140# HP watercolor paper using a lettering style recently learnt in Thomas Hoyer's class. I drew my letter, then outlined it with a black Zig marker, then dampened the surface of the letter with water and a touch of iridescent green and then dropped in my colors (Twinkles H2o's Majestic Blue & Irish Mist), then touched a couple spots in the center with "Passion" and in the upper section of the green with Solar Gold, and while still wet sprinkled some metallic powder Neuberg-E-Ebel (metal leaf deep gold #30) over the upper green section.

I temporarily taped the black cardstock under the white WC paper and with a sharp x-acto knife cut out the "D" leaving a rim of white around the letter and cutting through both layers of cardstock, trying to keep my knife as perpendicular as possible to get an exact cut out in the black. I then pushed in the white letter into the black so the letter was flush to the surface and taped it to the back to secure.


The haiku around the letter was done with Gold Ecoline. I have to admit, as much as I like this gold, I was disappointed that when dry and I tried to remove my pencil lines, the gold smudges (and I did this 12 hours after the actual lettering). I though maybe it was this Arches paper that was causing the problem, but I tried it on black Stonehenge as well. Same thing happened. But I was able to rub the area with a Kleenex tissue, removing some of the gold lettering, but my pencil line also disappeared and then I just touched up the rubbed off letters. Will need to experiment a bit with this gold because I really like it.



The dragonfly on the front was punched out using my EK Success Paper Shaper Dragonfly punch (love this punch), from the paper I used on the back.

It's jewel - like eyes
mirror the distant mountains
darting dragonfly

The back was cut out, and glued to the main page, of some paper I recently decorated using the Luminous Marble technique from Julia Andrus's book Paper Transformed. To see how I made the background click on this "Luminous Bkgrd" link

The dragonfly (Old Island Rubber Stamps #393) on back was rubber stamped on a piece of 100% Rag Translucent paper  using Brilliance Copper and Queen's Gold Embossing powder, then cut out and glued to the page. I wrote my particulars on another piece of black cardstock and glued it to the page.



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