ID: Andy Warhol

Mailing Due Date: Aug 8th, 2007
4.5"w x 4"h

There were again a bunch of great themes in this month's mingle list, like Isaac Hays & Aubrey Beardsley, but I opted for Andy Warhol. Love his art too. I used a bright yellow cardstock as the basis for this mingle. I printed out a few images in black and white, like the soup can and the butterfly on back and then colored them using Tombow markers for the soup can and watercolor pencils both regular and Inktense for the butterfly.
I cut a slit in the top portion of the can lid, and if you pull on the tab a pic of Andy Warhol is inside. The toe of the boot holds the page closed which has some of his bio underneath.


Inside soup can



The back is one of the images he did for the Endangered Species series which I printed out in black and white and colored.  Added my particulars with my white mixture of ink. 


Inside is his artwork and story for the endangered series and the start of his bio.


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