ID: T & T Bound

5.5"w x 4.75"h x 2.5 thk

I'm happy to say, it didn't take me as long to bind my This & That mingle as it did for my Accordion Holiday Mingle, although that one was 90% bound. I just needed to finish it. LOL But I did, at the same time I finished this one.

I used a paper I really like in black with a gold weave embossed thread design for both the outside and inside of the covers. For the spine bands I used a thin type of cotton black ribbon I've had for ages that had a nice gold cord running along one edge. This type of ribbon is what's used for decorative piping. But I needed the gold to be on the top and bottom, so I glued one piece to the other. Under the ribbon in the spine area I glued a piece of black mat board to give stability and weight for my binding threads to wrap around without distorting my ribbon. I attached this ribbon to the book board covers with long necked gold eyelets (available from Quietfire Design). The front closure is done with a very heavy weight belting material in black and I glued on the piping ribbon so it matches the spine pieces. I love this clasp which is a new one on the Quietfire website. I attached it to my cover using Tombow Mono Metal Liquid Glue and secured it with 2 square rhinestone brads (I needed brads that had long enough prongs to go through all the thickness of the clasp and book board, and these worked). The clasp portion on the belting used the same glue but I also secured it by sewing it.

Wrote in the words This & That Mingle using a Sakura Gold gel pen and then highlighting it with Bleed Proof white ink.


Open with spine view

  With the weight of all the pages the mat board has become flexible which I really like.





Standing Open  

I used the same format as I did with my Accordion Holiday Mingle. I made photographic prints of each of the pages I made for everyone and included it in my fat book adding the tabs with the month it was made in. I also added pics of the envelopes I made for each person and added that to the back pages. I also made an index page with who sent to whom and in what month. I'm very happy with the content and look of this fat book. Thanks to everyone who contributed to my treasure.

I bound the book using an accordion folded, 1/2" folds, Spectrum black cardstock (I don't recommend it if you are going to do a sewing binding). I glued each page to one side of the folds. When everything was glued I started sewing the valleys of the folds using around the spine bands using 2ply waxed linen thread which broke right through the cardstock. So I had to reinforce each binding area with Linen Hinging Tape that I colored black with a Zig marker. I used a blanket stitch.



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