ID: Roses

Mailing Due Date: June 13th, 2007
4.5"w x 4"h

Ok, so I went overboard again. Sheesh. 

I started out with white value pack cardstock, folded it over at the 4.5" point and then folded the cardstock again at the 3.75" point, leaving a 2.25" end piece. 

For the front, I found an image of a rose and traced it onto my cardstock. Colored it in with Prismacolor pencils; deep pinks in the center to white petal tips, and green background. Added the lettering for the word "Roses" with a Pentel Parallel Pen dipped in various colors of Gouache topped with Schmincke Pale Gold powder.

Roses_FrontOpen     Roses_InsideOpen

Front fully opened (the quote is done on both portions of the                                              Back fully opened
2.25" fold over, hidden behind the Kersals "Roses")                                                                               



This is the back of the mingle page. The black section on the right is a piece of cardstock glued to the page and then machine sewn to create a matchbook closure. The word "Roses" is done using the Kersal's Cap and coordinating monoline on the 2.25" fold over, leaving part of the page underneath, visible. "Roses" was outlined with a black micron pen, then colored in with watercolor pencils in pink and olive green and then blended with water. For the black around the letter I used my Pentel mini brush which gives a streak free black.

The under page; I rubber stamped the rose border image (V.I.P.) with Brilliance Dew Drops Graphite Black and embossed with black detail embossing powder. PS: All three of the rubber stamps used, I got at a Rubber Stamp Garage Sale. Used the same watercolor colors as the word roses. The quote is done with a 1.5 parallel pen and Magic Color acrylic ink "Brown". I added the gold Peel-Offs floral type borders on either side of the Rose border.

Quote: If seeds in the black earth can turn into such beautiful roses, what might not the heart of man become in its long journey towards the stars. GK Chesteron



The left inside page is another V.I.P. rubber stamped image done with "Gold' Brilliance stamp pad and embossing powder. I used watercolor pencils again but in yellow tones. Mini brush for the black background. Black micron pen for the quote.

Quote: The world is a rose; smell it and pass it to your friends. Persian proverb



I rubber stamped my teapot (SonLight Impressions) with the black Brilliance stamp pad and black embossing powder. Used the watercolor pencils again but in red tones. When Dry I used variegated red gold leaf on the rose. I colored the teapot in a pale yellow and then filled it in with Glossy Accents, so you get the teapot slick feeling.  The quote is done with the micron pen.

Quote: Come share a pot of tea with me. My home is warm, my friendship's free.


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