ID: Year of the Pig (Ding Hai)

Mailing Due Date: Feb 14th, 2007
4.5"w x 4"h

I started out with white cardstock and folded it over to create a booklet on the inside back. The pig is a rendition of our Canadian $1.55 postage stamp. They created the pig mimicking the "cloisonn
" technique. I used my thermal embossing method. I penciled in the pig and colored it with watercolor pencils in different red tones, used a water brush to move the color around, and let dry. I then used Plum Pearl embossing powder to do the heavy outline design. I used gold embossing powder to do the detailing of the flowers. I then put a mixed layer of Sakura glaze pens "Red" & "Clear" getting tonal variations in the red and giving me the shine. I then colored in the background and flowers in 2 shades of green watercolor pencils again moving them with a water brush. When dry I added my lettering for the title etc., using a Pentel color brush in olive green.


The back is covered with a Bamboo oriental stationary paper I found at Staples. I used the same paper for the booklet backing the right sides together so there were no white pages showing. I used a pamphlet stitch to attach this single signature booklet that gives the story and some taboos and tied it with 4ply pink waxed linen thread.

I added a piece of cardstock which I painted with the olive color brush and cut out like a belt. Glued it to the binding edge and mad a little slit for the point to go under and hold the booklet closed. Then added my particulars with a Sakura Stardust gel pen "Jade"



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