Words in Egg: 

We didn't hear the Easter bunny
hopping down the hall-
He hopped so very quietly
he made no sound at all.
But on  the breakfast table
He left bright Easter toys
Downy chicks for little girls
And rabbits for the boys.
Then we found bright Easter eggs
Tucked behind the chairs
Upon the windowsill
And in the corners of the stairs.


ID: Easter
4.5"w x 4"h

I painted a sheet of Japanese rice paper with watercolors (yellow, blue, rose, green), then dropped Dr Martin's metallic gold and copper acrylic ink. When dry I cut out decreasing sizes of an oval (the egg shape), used my sewing machine to sew the pages together down the middle. I glued the bottom page to a piece of off white linen cardstock. I wrote the words to an Easter poem I found on line using a colored pencil so the ink wouldn't seep through the pages. I also edged the pages with metallic brush pens in various colors. I added the gold filigree to represent a stand used for displaying eggs. I used glue to make oval shaped mounds (to represent the chocolate eggs kids hunt at Easter time) and covered them with red/gold variegated gold leaf. I add some whimsical words with a plum colored Zig marker.

Whimsical words: The sky is falling. The sky is falling. No, No, No. It's raining Easter eggs from heaven.



This is a top view of the 3 dimensional effect after puffing up the pages. The rice paper being so thin doesn't add any bulk or weight to this page.


The back of the page: I found the letters for the word Easter on the internet, copied, cut and pasted them onto my cardstock. I wrote the word "mingle" with a purple Zig marker, and the words "Sent with hugs" in gold gel pen.

I used a piece of the decorated rice paper glued to some cardstock and cut out the egg shape. I used scrapbook paper for the basket shape and added some Angelina fiber for texture. The egg can be pulled out to read my particulars.

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