Old Woman who lived in a shoe



Shoe DecoV for Nancy Q:
I used soft pastels in blue, purple and magenta, and covered the page, then wiped and smooth it, then sprayed with Crystal Clear. 

For the "Old Woman" page I cut out a shoe from brown faux leather paper, inked in some windows and a door, and topped it with a chimney. The upper window opens to reveal the supposedly historical origin of the nursery rhyme.

I wrote the text with a black gel pen then over wrote with a silver gel pen. Added a bow for good measure...

Words: There was an old woman who lived in a shoe, she had so many children she didn't know what to do. She gave them some broth without any bread, and she whipped them all soundly and sent them to bed.

Words in Window: Origin of the Rhyme in Regency England?
At 1st glance the words would appear to be nonsense, but in fact it is believed to have origins in English history!
There are 2 choices of origin!
The 1st relates to Queen Caroline (There was an old woman) wife of George II who hade 8 children.
The 2nd version refers to King George who began the men's fashion for wearing white powdered wigs. He was consequently referred to as the old woman! The children were the members of Parliament and the bed was the House of Parliament - even today the term 'whip' is used in the English Parliament to describe a member of Parliament who is tasked to ensure that all members 'toe the line'

For the Cinderella page, same background and text as above. The word Cinderella was done with a C-3 nib and Dr Martins iridescent silver. The Pumpkin carriage and mouse were done with colored pencils and some gel pen accents. I put some glitter accents - the 3 starbursts and some sprinkling along the top of the page. The shoe was cut out of a magazine and I added some silver threads for the tassels and some holograph hearts to hide the holes.

Text: No! No! No! If the shoe fits, you must be... Cinderella



The upper window open.

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