February 05, 2008 - QF free Collage Image

I made a fat book mingle page (4.5w x 4h)  for this challenge. 

This page evolved from the original mainly because I don't have a good printer for doing color prints, so I needed to get the collage image printed as a regular photograph and that I don't particularly like people in my artwork or angels. So while I was in my photo editing program to size it for printing, I decided to manipulate the image. I took the wings from the angel and put them on each side of the chariot. Then I removed the angel and most of the packages or whatever on the chariot. I then swirled the sky and converted it to grey scale. I also made some in reverse color so the sky was an ultramarine blue and the birds become yellow toned. Then I did a reverse of that as well. I did one with a very moody sky in more sepia tones, all of which I really like, so I will probably create a few more things with that eventually.

I removed the backing layer of the photograph so my paper became nice and thin so I don't have a very visible ridge around the pic. Used Pebbles Pearlescent Decorator Chalks (white and black to extend the colors in the photograph). Added some Peel Offs corners in black. The text was done with Twinkles H2o's and a quill nib in both Interference blue and Majestic blue with one of my new monolines I learnt in Lynn's class.

Text: Your chariot awaits my lady. Let the doves and wings of angels fly you to the moon & let you soar among the heavens in a rhapsody of blue.


Quietfire Design Collage Image (Click on pic to see the image in the Dec/07 newsletter - waaay at the bottom)








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