April 8, 2008 - Watercolor Backgrounds

Created: April 7, 2008
Modified: April 30, 2008

Size:  2.5"h x 3.5"w each ATC

This week's challenge was to make and use a watercolor background (or use color wash sprays or other water media etc)

I'm still under the weather but a bit more lucid...

Thought I'd combine to themes, one for the Created By Hand Challenge and one for our monthly ATC swap

The background technique starts out with Fabriano Artistico CP 140 lb watercolor paper. I attached it to a hard substrate and put almost on a vertical tilt. Wet 1/3 of the paper and with eye droppers ran color along the top edge letting it drip where it may (Ecoline Liquid Watercolor "Bluish Green" "Blue Violet" & "Deep Yellow"). Turned my paper upside down and did the same thing, then wet the central portion and allowed the top and bottom to flow together, tilting and moving the colors as it dried. I then cut out my ATC blanks. I used portions of the background that were more concentrated so the next technique would stand out.

I then used an empty 6.0 Parallel Pen and dipped it in water and wrote  out my word "Time" in a Black Letter style. I then used a Kleenex tissue and lay it on top of the wet letters and pressed down absorbing the water and the loosened color.  Then wrote out my other words using a script nib and Ecoline "Carmine". Rubber stamped the watch or watch innards using Color Box Charcoal and Hematite embossing powder. Edged the background paper with a red marker then mounted it to bright red cardstock.


ID Time Triptych #1

Words: Time is on my side


ID Time Triptych #2

Words: Elusive Time not on my side


ID Time Triptych #3

Words: Where did all the time go?


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