I used a brownish purple cardstock for my end papers. I went into the message post archives in both the ByHand and the Art Idea Journal, copying and pasting all the relevant items. From the conception on Feb 3, 2005 by Susanna, the tossing back and forth of ideas, to signing up and creating our own Yahoo group. I used my printer to print out the pages onto a gold parchment paper, in a signature layout and sewed the pages through the brownish cardstock. I added a toggle closure with a brad to keep the book closed. I glued on my title "Art Idea Journal - Our Story". It was done on genoa bond paper using a brown felt marker and a purple gel pen. I used sponges and various stamp pad inks to color the paper, then edged it with a gold metallic brush pen. 

I still have to put a story on the end pages, but I'm not sure what direction I want to go in. I will probably wait till everyone has received theirs back.


I created 3 pages for the stamp journey (above are 2 of them). I wrote in the story of the journey from my first mailing of my journal to Patti and when I received my last pages from Lilo, writing in the dates, names of the artist's and cities it was traveling to and from, with all little comments throughout. It moves me to read it. 

PS: I had never seen or even new that they made and $8.00 Canadian postage stamp.

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