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Palmistry is a long-standing tool for divination that spans a wide variety of cultures. Its origins have been traced back to India in BC period. Palmistry became more refined during the 12th century when it spread to China and Japan. During this time it was the Arabic traders who brought it over from India to Europe where it became even more popular
Examining Your Hand
Just as every fingerprint is unique so are the etchings of every hand. The lines on the hand are not permanent. This is a good indicator that your future is not etched in stone. There is always free will that offers us the choice to change things in our lives when we are ready.

A) The Life Line The life line symbolizes the quality of a person's life force energy & indicates enthusiasm for life.

B) Head Line This is an indicator of how a person uses his/her intelligence.

C) Heart Line - This line rules our emotions and health. It starts at the point of the letter C in the image. The other lines start at the thumb side of the palm.


D) The Fate Line - When this line is present it can be a time indicator. It can offer information about the changes in career or love.

E) The Line of Mercury - This line may or may not be present on a hand. When it is it means that the person is naturally intuitive.

F) The Line of Apollo - This line suggests great luck or talent. It starts at the base of the hand and travels up and under the ring finger.

Palmistry for Vicky M:  I used a sheet of the watercolor paper Vicky supplied with her traveling journal. She asked for each participant to outline their hand on the back of the 1st page. I was unable to do that so I just added an extra page. Instead of outlining my hand I decided to use it as a stamp. I covered it in Distress Ink (Brick Red) and lay my hand on the paper. I had no idea what I was going to do next. But when I stared at the page long enough this is what evolved.

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