My inspiration comes from an inner need. When there is a need my brain goes into overdrive and I can’t stop creating. If there is a blank wall within my environment it needs to be covered. When I run out of blank walls or areas to fill, I start to suffocate.


My dream is still within my head, but always present. I have a desire to create an environment for artists and craft people. It would be a huge 2 story building. On the 2nd floor, a café with fantastic and exotic nibble food to just relax and read a book, a large art library to be used within the building only and lots of rooms to hold classes. On the main floor a large retail/warehouse type store that would carry a humongous assortment of paper and art supplies at rock bottom prices, several booths for artists to rent to sell their work. I would travel around the world searching for all the latest art materials and great teachers. I would also want all aspects of the retail store on line. Should I ever become wealthy enough I would hope to realize my dream
Blog for Vicky M:  The back side of the palmistry page is done using bubbles and pearlescent acrylic ink (red volcano). I lay the paper over the bubbles and when they burst an outline of a bubble was transferred to the paper. Vicky asked for some info about where we get our inspiration and what our dreams are. This is the result of that question.

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