YogiForPatG_FrontCover YogiForPatG_SignIn
Front Cover  for Pat G: (7.5"H x 10"W)
Sign In (photo at right side)

I used a Canson Watercolor Paper and painted it with a technique I learnt recently in a workshop I took with Christine Ahmad. Same technique I used for a small booklet I put in Suzanne's Wings Deco.

Have your paper standing in a relatively upright position and using a large brush filled with water, run it along the upper area of your paper allowing drops to run down the page. Then go back in the same area using a paint filled brush. Keep layering colors until you like the patterns and colors created. When slightly dry (or when the paint is not runny), turn your page around so the bottom now becomes the top and repeat the same procedure, causing these new runs to flow into the old ones. The colors I used were Naples Yellow, Gambouge Hue, Burnt Sienna, Caput Mortuum & a touch of Sepia.

When totally dry I outlined the light/white spaces with a black pen. I did the calligraphy of my name with a black Pentel Pocket Brush, then put dots of glue and sprinkled copper glitter. The rest of the words are just a smaller version of brush lettering.

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