ATC Rainbow Colors "Violet": 




ID: WC Series - Newton

I used Canson CP Watercolor paper for this series. I painted large violets in a loose watercolor technique on a large paper, than cut out sections the ATC size. I mounted them onto purple cardstock. I outlined the flowers with my thermal embossing in gold. I added the quote using a purple Zig marker.

Words: No great discovery was ever made without a bold guess. Isaac Newton

ID: WC Series - Goethe

 Same as "Newton"

Words: Whatever you can do, or dream you can. Begin it. Boldness had genius, power and magic in it. Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

ID: Moon Glow Series - #1

I started these by decorating a large piece of rice paper with "Moon Glows" spray (it's an iridescent walnut/mica spray) I also made a concoction of my own in purple. I sprayed and over layered the colors (gold, mulberry and my purple). I used an 18K Krylon gold pen to make an inner border on my purple cardstock prior gluing my decorated rice paper. I did some tole painted artwork and then added my thermal embossed stems and swirls in gold. I wrote the quote with a micron black pen.

Words: Hath the pearl less whiteness because of its birth? Hath the violet less brightness for growing near earth. Thomas Moors - Desmond's Song



ID: Moon Glow Series - #4

Same as #1

Words: Oh! Faint delicious spring-time violet. Thine odor like a key, turns noiselessly in memory's wards to let a thought of sorrow free. William Wetmore (from the Story "The Violet")

ID: Dry Flower Series - Loyalty

I glued a piece of variegated purple paper onto my purple cardstock. I glued down flowers I've dried. I then put a layer of soft gel medium on top for protection. I added some lace trim and a flower rhinestone. 

In the lexicon of flowers a purple violet means "Love, loyalty, sweetness & faithfulness" I used the word "Loyalty for this one with a Purple Zig marker

ID: Dry Flower Series - Faithfulness

Same as "Loyalty" but added a butterfly rhinestone and a purple ribbon and the word "Faithfulness" for this ATC.



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ID: Dry Flower Series - Sweetness

Same as "Loyalty" but added a charm hand and a heart brad and used one of my fishing do-dads I mentioned recently. Great little gadgets. I wrote the word "Sweetness" for this ATC.

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