ID: Paste Paper - Linear Patterns (August 3, 2007)

This is an assortment of papers using a faux painting patterning tool to create linear patterns. We used a cornstarch recipe and all kinds of acrylic paints from Golden, Liquitex, Lumiere from jacquard, Silk Dye paints and various others. 

PS I usually used a semi dirty sponge brush, only squeezing excess paint of without dipping it in water. So some nice streaks occurred most of the time.


PastePaper6 #6a

PastePaper11 #11a

Yellow Hansa, Red, & Lumiere Gold on white Mayfair cover stock.

Med Violet on Dark Green Value cardstock (this did not scan well needless to say) it sure doesn't look dark green to me. And as much as it sounds like a pukey color combo, it did work well.

PastePaper16 #16a

PastePaper17 #17a

Cobalt Teal, a touch of dark brown,  & Lumiere Gold on Aqua Blue Value cardstock. 

Cobalt teal, & Lumiere Gold on Dark Purple Value Cardstock. This is a repeat pattern using all sides of the faux patterning tool. The large pattern is done with a large scallop shape.

PastePaper20 #20a

PastePaper21 #21a

Ultramarine Blue & a touch of Olive Green on Beige 65 lb cardstock

Olive Green on Beige Value Cardstock. Again this is not the color. Sheesh. This was my first paste paper.

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