ID: Paste Paper Recipe
Created: August 4, 2007

Since some of you have been asking which recipe we used I thought I'd write it out for you. There are many and I'll probably try a few more as time goes by.


1/4 C Cornstarch
1 & 3/4C water

Mix the Cornstarch thoroughly till well blended with a 1/4C of the water. Added 1C of water and cook till you get a custard thickness. Take of stove and add 1/2C water. Will become runny, but will thicken up as it cools. 

Place a few tablespoons into small containers or egg tray and mix with your paints. It doesn't take a lot of paint. I would say a ratio of 5T paste to 1T paint. But experiment, depending on the type of paint you use and the density of color desired, the ratio will vary.

Wet your sturdy paper by running it through a water bath. It doesn't have to soak through, just put one end in the bath and grabbing that end pull so the remainder of your paper gets put under the water as your pulling it out.

Lay it on a garbage bag wrapped cardboard or plexi glass or other slick surface. Sponge the excess water off your paper. You are now ready to paste. With a foam brush dip into your color and paint in one direction (horizontal), repeat painting in the other direction (vertical).  Make your impressions with rubber stamps or other tools.

Many of mine had variegations in them. In this case only paste your paper in one direction or you will be creating mud. Just paste your first color thoroughly, then add your other colors, blending a bit so the colors merge. Gives a beautiful effect.

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