ID: Paste Paper 2 - Rubber Stamped Designs (August 4, 2007)

I used foam stamps as well as unmounted clear stamps and regular stamps.

Today's colors were; Golden's Iridescent Bright Gold, Quinicridone Magenta &, Cobalt Teal; Lumiere's Burgundy, Metallic Olive, Citrine & Crimson;  Chromacolor Indigo; Demco's Artist Acrylics Permanent Red & Lemon Yellow. (I don't recommend the Demco paints, they don't mix well and you end up getting blobs of pure paint which you have to smush down.)

I used only 2 types of paper today. Arches Text Wove (10 x 12" pcs) and Mayfair Cover stock (8 x 10" pcs)

PS just about every paste paper used a dirty brush. I love the streaks and unexpected colors I get from that. I was using 10 colors and only 3 foam brushes, not even bothering to squeeze out the previous color. So it's very hard to say what colors I used on each one. Sorry about that. I will try to give you an approximation though.

PPS: the ID#'s are not the order I made them in but the order I scanned them.



Paste2 - #1a

This was a pattern I was checking out to see if it would work for some xmas cards. I'll probably try again.

Per. Red, Crimson & some indigo on Mayfair


Paste2 - Detail #2a


Paste2 - #5a

A dragonfly and a swirl pattern. 

Citrine & Teal on Mayfair


Paste2 - #6a

I used a very large background brick pattern stamp and a celtic diamond shape.

I used a bunch of colors to get a brownish shade by repeatedly stroking the colors into each other. It's a beautiful taupy beige with hints of pink on Mayfair.


Paste2 - #7a

With this one I used a foam outlined ivy stamp. Some of the shapes I used just the stamp, with other I inked them with either the olive or a mix of the red/yellow.

Citrine & olive & teal & gold on Mayfair


Paste2 - Detail #7a


Paste2 - #8a

The large square pattern is a foam stamp the thinner stamp is from Quietfire Design. I inked them with wither some indigo or magenta and with a dirty brush.

Gold, with streaks of Per Red, Indigo & burgundy on Mayfair


Paste2 - Detail #8a


Paste2 - #13a

A large foam heart and several clear smaller hearts randomly stamped.

Lemon Yellow & Per Red on Text Wove


Paste2 - #14a

This was one of my Rollagraph floral stamps inked with some olive.

Lemon Yellow, Per Red on Text Wove.


Paste2 - #16a

The wavy combed pattern is an all over design then I rubber stamped some dragonflies and butterflies spacing them so they land at an ATC sized area. I inked the stamps with Crimson or Teal.

Teal, citrine, Olive & gold on Text Wove


Paste2 - #17a

I used about four different style butterflies just stamping them wherever. Some were just stamped while others were inked with some crimson. I also stamped the word "Laugh" 

Teal, Crimson, on Text Wove.



Paste2 - #23a

Teal Olive & Gold on Text Wove. I used a corrugated cardboard to create the linear pattern, then rubber stamped with a bubble stamp.


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