ID: Paste Paper 2 - Misc Patterns (August 4, 2007)

I was checking out Diane Maurer Mathison's "Paste Paper" book and there were some hand  drawn patterns that were really great. There are some misc patterns here as well.

Today's colors were; Golden's Iridescent Bright Gold, Quinicridone Magenta &, Cobalt Teal; Lumiere's Burgundy, Metallic Olive, Citrine & Crimson;  Chromacolor Indigo; Demco's Artist Acrylics Permanent Red & Lemon Yellow. (I don't recommend the Demco paints, they don't mix well and you end up getting blobs of pure paint which you have to smush down.)

I used only 2 types of paper today. Arches Text Wove (10 x 12" pcs) and Mayfair Cover stock (8 x 10" pcs)

PS just about every paste paper used a dirty brush. I love the streaks and unexpected colors I get from that. I was using 10 colors and only 3 foam brushes, not even bothering to squeeze out the previous color. So it's very hard to say what colors I used on each one. Sorry about that. I will try to give you an approximation though.

PPS: the ID#'s are not the order I made them in but the order I scanned them.



Paste2 - #2a

I love the way this one turned out. It was an accident. I had dropped my acrylic block on the edge of a previous design and loved the suction effect I got when I removed the block. So I did a full page using 3.5" square block.

Indigo, teal, magenta & gold on Mayfair


Paste2 - Detail #2a


Paste2 - #4a

This one has a lot of Valentine potential. I rubber stamped stripes using different stamps and a combed wave. My favorite way of using a comb.

Per. Red & Crimson on Mayfair


Paste2 - Detail #4a


Paste2 - #9a

I love the colors and the free form lines on this one. I had done this one with vertical lines on horizontal paste strokes. But ended up with the reverse, which i think I like better. definitely more potential for calligraphy. I use the end of a Popsicle stick both flat and on edge and the tines of a chipped plastic fork.

Indigo, greens, teal, burgundy & gold on Mayfair


Paste2 - Detail #9a


Paste2 - #12a

Another one I love. I started out with a rubber stamped flower (Autumn Leaves "2nd Nature") background, then did 3 horizontal stripes with a foam brush and then combed a wavy line on top of the stripe.

Indigo, greens, teal, burgundy & gold on Mayfair


Paste2 - Detail #12a


Paste2 - #19a

This is the first one I did today. Absolutely love it. Gorgeous horizontal streaked colors and then using two chisel edged paint brushes formed the flowers. it's a pity you can't see the vibrancy of this piece.

Teal, magenta, burgundy, citrine, olive, gold on Text Wove


Paste2 - Detail #19a


Paste2 - #20a

Basically a dirty brush with some magenta. Then with a paint brush formed the flowers. Used a rubber stamp for a bit of a swirly border on Text Wove


Paste2 - #21a

Used the back of a bamboo skewer to draw the leaf shapes and stems.

Citrine and Olive on Text Wove.

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