ID: Paste Paper 2 - Combed Patterns (August 4, 2007)

I was checking out Diane Maurer Mathison's "Paste Paper" book and there were some combed patterns. I tried a few and some of my own.

Today's colors were; Golden's Iridescent Bright Gold, Quinicridone Magenta &, Cobalt Teal; Lumiere's Burgundy, Metallic Olive, Citrine & Crimson;  Chromacolor Indigo; Demco's Artist Acrylics Permanent Red & Lemon Yellow. (I don't recommend the Demco paints, they don't mix well and you end up getting blobs of pure paint which you have to smush down.)

I used only 2 types of paper today. Arches Text Wove (10 x 12" pcs) and Mayfair Cover stock (8 x 10" pcs)

PS just about every paste paper used a dirty brush. I love the streaks and unexpected colors I get from that. I was using 10 colors and only 3 foam brushes, not even bothering to squeeze out the previous color. So it's very hard to say what colors I used on each one. Sorry about that. I will try to give you an approximation though.

PPS: the ID#'s are not the order I made them in but the order I scanned them.



Paste2 - #2a

A basic scalloped & wavy  pattern

Indigo, & burgundy on Mayfair


Paste2 - Detail #2a


Paste2 - #10a

I really like the look when the pattern is created when the comb is used along it's length rather than the width of the comb. All my patterns yesterday were done with the width of the comb.

Citrine & olive on Mayfair


Paste2 - Detail #10a


Paste2 - #11a

Again I used a pretty dirty brush, so I have some teal and who knows what else along with the Per. Red and some magenta on Mayfair


Paste2 - Detail #11a


Paste2 - #15a

A squiggly and line pattern.

Per Red, Crimson & Gold on Text Wove


Paste2 - #22a

Love this one. It's just a straight line pattern but on glorious colors.

Teal, magenta, burgundy, crimson & gold on Text Wove.

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