Paper Transformed by Julie Andrus: Pearly Mottled
Created August 9, 2008

This is a finished envelope made using the technique below. To see it larger and colors used click on the image. The technique in the book calls for white or light paper, Rainbow Dye ink pads, Perfect Pearls, Rubber Brayer, Paper towels, & water sprayer - not mister.

I used cream toned LBS end sheets from Columbia Mills as well as a piece of 140# CP Fabriano W/C paper (an end piece I had laying around).

I brayered color onto my paper, sprayed and dropped droplets of water onto it, left it for a few seconds then laid a piece of paper towel down to absorb the moisture, without moving the paper towel around. While the paper is still damp brushed on some Perfect Pearls.

I found the Kaleidacolor pads worked better than the Adirondack raised felt rainbow pads. But they both worked just differently. See below each image for the colors used. It's a pity you can't see the shimmer of the Perfect Pearls.


Kaleidacolor Cappuccino Delight.
Perfect Pearls Kiwi, Plum & Sunflower Yellow

#1 Detail


Kaleidacolor Creole Spice
Perfect Pearls Sunflower Yellow, Forever Green & True Blue


#2 Detail

Adirondack Autumn Sunset.
Perfect Pearls Forever Green, Perfect Gold & Forever Blue

#4 Detail

W/C #1 (you can really see the Perfect Pearls on this one)
The dirty brayer with Adirondack Autumn Sunset misted with some water onto the Fabriano W/'C paper.
Perfect Pearls Forever Green, Perfect Gold

#3 (this is my least favorite)

Adirondack Winter Sky.
Perfect Pearls Perfect Pearl, Blue Patina & Interference Blue



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