Thanks Nan


ID: Pan Pastels "Thanks Nan"
4"w x 6.75"h

Created: August 3, 2008

This is another of those backgrounds created on a large piece of paper and then cut down to size. A matching envelope was made.

I used a cream toned LBS end sheet paper from Columbia Mills and swiped colors randomly and abstractly over the surface using the Pan Pastel sponges (Yellow Ochre, Orange, Turquoise, Bright Yellow Green Shade & Streaks of violet). Gently wiped excess color/powder from paper and went over with a few more violet streaks,  then used the square edge of an eraser to make my little box shapes and the lines. I tilted the cardstock up side down and using a very soft brush to flick the eraser bits away. I used Krylon Workable Fixative to set my pastels. Cut the piece to the desired size, wrapped a purple ribbon around and added one of my calligraphic Peel Offs (under the Peel-Offs label of Elizabeth Craft Designs). Mounted this to a Bazzill Monochromatic cardstock (pumpkin) then onto a yellow cardstock then onto the main olive toned card (both from Paper Co Cypress pack)

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