ID: Impossible Card Instructions

Created: May 3, 2018

I recently came across this Impossible Card construction and thought it looked really interesting...

You can see the details for this card HERE

My sample is with a 5"w x 7"h piece of cardstock. Any size of cardstock will work.

Find your center (mid) point along one of your sides. This will be where your cut lines will end. Mine is at the 3.5" point

Find your center (mid) point along your other side and cut along this line to the center point. Mine is at the 2.5" point

The legs can be as wide or as narrow as you want up to the mid point size.

What happens is: If the leg is very narrow, the gap becomes larger and so does the pop up piece you will be decorating. If the leg is too wide the gap becomes smaller and the pop up piece almost disappears.

So make your leg width no more than 1/3 of half the width of the card. For my card I cut at 1" giving me a 3"w front to decorate. Cut to center (mid) point

Score between the 2 leg cuts.

Now flip: Take your left leg, lifting it up and flip it to the back which starts to raise your card area section up.

That's it. Have fun.


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