ID: Framed Heart (Gate Fold)
This is an oversized card
Closed: 6"w x 6.5"h
Open: 15"w x 6.5"h

Created: Jan 14, 2007
Modified: Jan 15, 2007

SUPPLIES: (Note: most of the supplies can be found online at (items in Pink)
Bazill Monochromatic cardstock purple 1 pce approx 12"w x 5"h and 1 pce for the heart
Handmade Metallic paper (gold mottled decorative paper
plain cardstock for base of heart frame
K&Co Scrapbook paper package "Buttons"
Purple ribbon 1/16" x 20"
Purple Waxed Linen Thread (2 ply) (to tie small heart charm)
Dew Drops Brilliance stamp pad Pearlescent Lavender
Stampendous Amethyst embossing powder
Rubber Stamp "I Love You Not Only"
Decorative buttons 3 pcs (from Dress it Up packages)
Charms Little Heart
Rubber Stamp Set "Italic Alphabet"
Double Sided Tape, Aleene's Tacky Glue, Golden's Soft Gel Medium





Score and fold your cardstock with texture to outside, 3" from left side and 3" from right side, leaving 6" for center piece. The gate folds should meet in the center neatly.

Cut a large heart from the plain cardstock, that will fit within the width of your card dimensions and accommodate your rubber stamp and having approx a 3/4" border (mine is outside dimensions of 5.75"w x 6.25"h and inside dimensions of 4.25"w x 4.5"h). 

Cut approx 9 or 10 - 2" squares from your gold metallic paper (this will eventually make approx 36 to 40 little triangles).  With the tip of your Pearlescent Lavender dew drop pad, make a rough kind of cross in the center of the square, going about 1" to either side of the center point on each diagonal line - eyeball it. (Don't put too much ink down, just enough to hold a little embossing powder). Emboss with the amethyst embossing powder and heat set. Cut this square on the diagonal lines creating 4 little triangles which should have a little of the amethyst embossing on the tip and along 2 sides. Place one triangle on the heart frame, point at dip in heart, place a dab of glue to attach to frame. Place next triangle with the tip overlapping first triangle, keeping them fairly close together, glue down to frame. Continue placing and gluing down until you get to the other side of the dip in heart . Starting at the first triangle again, wrap extending points of triangles around frame, working one side all the way around, cutting off points that extend over back of frame when wrapped, and gluing them down to frame. Then work on the other side of the triangles wrapping around frame, trimming points if necessary and gluing down. At the point of the heart you may have to cut a couple slits in your triangles to neatly wrap them around the frame. 




Rubber stamp your quote onto the button scrapbook paper using the Pearlescent Lavender dew drops pad and Amethyst embossing powder, heat set. Place your frame heart over the button paper centering the stamped word. When your happy with the placement, lightly pencil in the outside edge of the frame heart onto the scrapbook paper. Cut out the heart a touch smaller than the frame heart. Glue to frame. Using the frame heart again, make a light pencil mark on purple cardstock and cut out heart, same size as frame and glue to frame assembly. Glue this assembly to the left front half of your gate fold card, positioning the tip of the heart to land at the bottom of your card and the heart centered over the gate fold. The heart will extend above your card. 

Thread your purple ribbon through the holes in your buttons. I went through the back of one hole and into the front of the other hole on the first button, gluing a small end piece to the back of the button, then through the back of the hole in the 2nd button, then through the front of the other hole in the second button, gluing a little piece of the end to the back of the second button. You should have a nice loop of ribbon between the 2 buttons. Cut the loop to get two even pieces. Keeping the ribbon ends at the top of your card, glue down the two buttons to card. (I used Golden's soft gel medium). Add your 3rd button centered over the other 2 buttons. Tie the ribbon into a nice bow and put a dab of Aleene's tacky glue in the knot area to keep the bow from coming undone. Cut off ribbon ends to desired length.


The 2 purple sections are part of the gate folds

I put a piece of the gold metallic paper on the inside of the center panel of the card as well. I used the Italic Alphabet Stamp set to spell the words "happy valentine's", using a little gold heart charm for the apostrophe and tied it down with the purple wax linen thread.

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