This is what the room looks like without the table in the center of the wall on the right. I'm also a stained glass artist, so that thing in the window is a piece I made that slides along a brass curtain rod to filter out the glare of the sun.  The shelving under the window (on rollers also) holds my printer, scanner, office files and computer paper. 


The wall on the left holds my computer. The desk is made from a door that I mounted on some wooden legs. The surface is covered with vinyl tiles. Both shelving units under the desk are on rollers. Needless to say my chair rolls around as well. I stacked desk trays to hold all my misc. paper stuff. As you can see my wall holds my art work and notes. I ran a shelf along the length of my computer wall close to the ceiling, it holds a ton of greeting cards that I've made and are awaiting being given away or sold.


The wall on the right holds all my art supplies, books, magazines etc.  I use mainly clear plastic tote boxes and plastic drawers. All have large labels to identify the contents.

#35 - Printer and desk trays holding regular & legal size printing papers.
#36 - My scanner (you can see one of my orchids just above it)
#37 - Binders that are labeled and hold product info, business cards I've picked up along the way, Art & craft ideas I've cut from magazines etc., photographs of my work.
#38 - Things I don't use all the time are stored up high like electric fry pans, pasta machine, toaster oven etc. etc.
#39 - I love books and have toooo many (but I can't part with them) - books on watercolor painting, colored pencils, calligraphy, paper arts/ book binding, stenciling, and a few other crafts.
#40 - This is a removable table that I use as an extra work surface  (I find I never have enough work surfaces) and where I cut my matboards. It can also convert into a large light table. When removed the legs fold up for easy storage.
#41 - A lot of my 8 1/2 x 11 paper and cardstock. see below


Most of my 8 1/2 x 11 paper and cardstock is stored here along with some specialty stuff. Above are some of my magazines.