I took the doors of the cupboard off and built a desk wall to wall. I store all my pencils, markers, pens, rulers, scissors, etc. on the shelf above my desk and on the right side of my desk. My large zyron is hidden on the left side of the desk. The shelving unit under the desk to the left is on wheels for easy access when needed. I hate having to crawl under things... The picture below shows the trolley on wheels.

Another roll out trolley...
#7 - Holds my larger punches
#8 - are my dimensional fabric paints
#9 - Seashells
#10 - My large Watercolor Palette
#11- My smaller Watercolor and Gouache palettes
#12 - Box of eyelets & brads, Jacquard powders, clear transparent embossing powder



As you can see the
this trolley rolls out and is another work surface. I keep my stamp pads, Rubber stamps etc. in the drawers. I use mainly unmounted rubber stamps. My plastic bag catches all my garbage.


#16 - I'm an avid user of Cadbury metal boxes, these three hold pencils, markers, pens, water brushes and all kinds of other paraphernalia I use on a regular basis. I used cut down juice containers and toilet paper/card board tubes to keep things segregated and upright.
#17 - My Paint brushes
#18 - I picked up 3 of these metal drawers at a garage sale, I love them. This one holds all my colored pencils, watercolor pencils and pastel pencils and my electric sharpener (I used old cardboard VCR boxes with mini dividers to hold my pencils upright and segregated) . My circle & oval rulers and large triangular ruler are wedged on the side.
#19 - I also have a ton of Minute Maid juice boxes that are invaluable for storing things in an all uniform size. These hold some small containers of inks and my stamp cleaners, water spritz bottles.
#20 - My small light box and kleenex box.
#21 - All the items that are in sets like blow pens, gel pens, kohinor pens etc are stored here.



#13 - My matboard cutting ruler
#14 - I made a cardboard holder to store all my straight rulers upright.
#15 - The punches and pliers I use on a regular basis are wedged on the edge of the box.