ID: Marbling Samples #4 (July 21, 2007)

I had several friends over for a marble party after the test run I did a few weeks ago (which worked). Since the last time, I decided to read up a bit on marbling. Luckily I didn't read before this because I would have been hesitant to try it. Apparently it's a big "no no" to marble outside and in the full sun which we did. It worked fine for us.

I used Sodium Alginate for my size. Picked it up at my local art supply store 250ml for $8.95 Cdn. It only takes 3/4 tablespoon for one cookie tray of marbling size. So it goes a long way. You mix the size into a portion of the water, then when blended add more water and let sit for 15 to 30 minutes. When ready to use mix again with more water. Extremely easy. (Last time I saved a bit to see if it lasts, I wasn't happy with the look of it so I ditched it) Fresh is better.

I used Liquitex Medium Viscosity Acrylic paint as well as their Soft Body Acrylic Paint (bought by accident thinking it was Med. Visc., but it worked too) and diluted it with Distilled water to a milky consistency.

This time I also tried dropping in some other mediums like Low Odor Mineral Spirits as well as some Ox Gall / water mixture. I also tried dropping punched out images onto the size to act as a resist in those areas. I didn't find it worked as well as I expected, but a larger cut out rectangle worked really well.

Most of my patterns were created using the stone pattern (my favorite) which is just dropping colors onto your size creating blobs. More blobs are dropped into and around the first batch and continued until you've added all your colors. From there you create your patterns like with a bamboo skewer or Popsicle stick to make flowers, birds or other shapes. If you use rakes and combs then you get other combinations.  There is the "Non Pareil" where you only go in one direction in your size either the length of your tray or the width of your tray or both. If you come back in the opposite direction along the same side of your tray then it becomes a "Gel Git" pattern which means "Back & Forth" in Turkish. 

In the previous experiment I use a very thin rice paper "Washi" which worked well but needed a piece of supporting paper like waxed paper to lift it out of the tray and for hanging while drying and still had a tendency to tear easily. This time I used a much thicker rice paper called "Hosho" which is absolutely beautiful to work on (purchased through Quietfire Design in B.C.). It still needed the wax paper support but was a lot sturdier. PS I didn't alum the rice paper, makes life soooo much easier. It's the one part of the marbling procedure I really don't like doing.

I also used Fraser Papers Synergy Bond 25% cotton &, Synergy Bond Linen as well as Southworth Curriculum Vitae 100% cotton paper Ivory.

I only used a few colors last time, but this time we had a beautiful range of colors to choose from.


Marble4_1 #1

This is one of the ones I used a rectangular piece of paper to create a void. I will probably use this one for one of my Heritage Contest pieces this year (that is if I can find an appropriate quote or poem or something.) Green's, Rich Copper, Rich Silver and some misc. residue from a previous marble. Rice Paper

Marble4_Detail1 detail #1

Marble4_2 #2

Another one with a rectangular void. I added black shadow lines on the drips. Love this one. Need another just right quote or poem. Mars Black, ACRA Magenta, Rich Gold & Antique Bronze. Rice Paper

Marble4_Detail2 detail #2

Marble4_3 #3

I used Mars Black, Rich Copper, Metallic iridescent. White,  Baltic Green & Yellow Light Hansa. Love the color combo. This is also one of the ones I punched out some shapes and dropped on the size to create voids. Didn't work too well I used Maple leaves. Rice Paper

Marble4_Detail3 detail #3

Marble4_4 #4

This one is pretty bright and forceful, but I like it  because of that splashing feeling. Has lots of movement in it. 25% cotton

Marble4_Detail4 detail #4

Marble4_5 #5

This ones don with all metallic colors like Rich Copper, Rich Gold, Antique Bronze, Antique Copper and a touch of Ivory Black. It's got such a beautiful shimmer to it. I can't remember dropping and medium into this size, so those white areas must be from air pockets. 25% cotton 

Marble4_Detail5 detail #5

Marble4_6 #6

Another gorgeous color combo done on the rice paper. The Baltic Green is really beautiful on paper, not so pretty in the jar. Added Portrait Pink, Rich Copper, Rich Gold, Raw Umber. Rice Paper

Marble4_Detail6 detail #6

Marble4_7 #7

I love this pattern and color combo done on CV paper. I dropped some Odorless Mineral Spirits on the colored size and it was fascinating to see the spirit move the color away creating these circular voids and halos. I used  Baltic Green, Hooker's Green Perm. Hue, Light Green Perm., Olive, Burnt Sienna & Raw Umber. 

Marble4_Detail7 detail #7

Marble4_8 #8

This is another bold statement. I used a bamboo skewer to just gently push the stone patter around. It created, what looks like to me, Petunia shapes. I used Bright Aqua Green, Cad. Orange Hue, and a Magenta (can't remember which one).

Marble4_Detail8 detail #8

Marble4_9 #9

Another odd color scheme on linen paper. Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue and Light Green Perm. Reminds me of a bunch of balloons and a heart shaped flower.

Marble4_Detail9 detail #9

Marble4_10 #10

I like the whimsy of this one done on the CV paper. Yellow, Orange, Light Green & Magenta.

Marble4_Detail10 detail #10

Marble4_11 #11

Same color combo as #7 on Linen paper, but without the Mineral Spirits. Fran in our group came up with the combo and I really loved it, so I mimicked it a few times.

Marble4_Detail11 detail #11


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