ID: Marbling Samples #2 (July 2, 2007)

This is a test run to make sure I was able to marble at home without any "Teacher" guidance. It worked so I will be having some friends over soon and have a "Marble Party".

I used Sodium Alginate for my size. Picked it up at my local art supply store 250ml for $8.95 Cdn. It only takes 3/4 tablespoon for one cookie tray of marbling size. So it goes a long way. You mix the size into a portion of the water, then when blended add more water and let sit for 15 to 30 minutes. When ready to use mix again with more water. Extremely easy. (I've saved a bit of the first mixture to see how long it lasts)

I used Liquitex Medium Viscosity Acrylic paint as well as their Soft Body Acrylic Paint (bought by accident thinking it was Med. Visc., but it worked too) and diluted it with Distilled water to a milky consistency.

I also tried some Chroma Color "Indigo" diluted. But it was a bit heavy. Some stayed on the surface but a lot sunk too. So will have to play with that to see how to dilute it properly.

I also tried some of my ready mixed Gouache I have on my art table topped with the gold metal powders. It has a bit of potential, also something to play with.

For all the samples I used Japanese Washi Rice Paper. I was lazy and didn't want to spend time to "Alum" my paper, plus I like the feel of rice paper to use on other things.

Since this was a test run I didn't mix up all my colors, I was good, and just mixed a few. The colors I used were; Bright Aqua Green, Bright Bronze, Burnt Sienna, Cadmium Yellow Medium Hue, Cadmium Orange Medium Hue, Mars Black, Phthalocyanine Blue (Green Shade), & Titanium White.


Marble9 #9

MarbleDetail9 detail #9

Marble10 #10

MarbleDetail10 detail #10

Marble11 #11

MarbleDetail11 detail #11

Marble12 #12

MarbleDetail12 detail #12

Marble13 #13

MarbleDetail13 detail #13

Marble14 #14

MarbleDetail14 detail #14

Marble15 #15

MarbleDetail15 detail #15

Marble16 #16

MarbleDetail16 detail #16

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