Pull Out Booklet - Just 4 U

size: 3"h x 4"w (incl Heart) 2/5"thk 
(opens to 13.5"w)

Created: April 15, 2024
Modified: April 23, 2024

I came across this booklet structure on Instagram: the_gifty_shop (Mar 11/24 post)
I must say their instructions are not easy to follow... but this time I persevered...

I raided my scrap cardstock (you know I have a ton of that...)

I used a bunch of calligraphic styles I've come across over time... using Mattehop pens. Posca colored pencils, Zig Writer, Gelly Roll white pen, Juice Up pens, Koi w/c Brush pens.



Cut 2 or more pcs of cardstock (can be any size but I cut 5 pcs, each 2.75"h x 6.5."w). Fold over .5" then fold in half. Glue the little flap (on one side only) and to the inside of the open edge to create a closed oval shape (I call it an open ended pocket).

Repeat with balance of cardstock.

Cut 5 pcs of cardstock 4.75" w x .5"h (or as many pockets created)

Place one pocket with open ends facing top and bottom and folded edge to the right and the glued section is on the bottom of the pocket. Place 1 strip inside pocket to the right folded edge and centered. Fold over the excess on either end.

Place the next pocket on top of the first with the glued edge to the left and bottom and the left edge towards the end of the lower pocket. Glue the folded ends from the first pocket into the 2nd pocket over the glued edge.

Continue with remaining pockets. They should all slide out towards the right side.

To create the booklet cut one piece of cardstock (2 pocket widths plus the thickness of the stack of pockets) add a bit of lea-way for neatness... Score/fold and crease the spine edge. Adhere the back of the 1st pocket to the inside of back cover.

Cut a heart or other pull tab and adhere under last pocket approximately in the center of the pocket fold.



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