ID: Mini Accordion Booklet - Merry Christmas
1.75"w x 3."h x 1/2" thk.

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I watched a whole day of mini classes held by Texas Lettering For Holiday Projects and one of the instructors was Veronica Phillips who created a mini accordion booklet. So cute. This is only a prototype so I could remember what I did when I create a real one... BIG GRIN

That little black thing embellished with mini hearts has a paperclip stuck between two pieces of cardstock to hold the cover closed. so cute...

Each pocket will hold a cute tag. I wrote Merry Christmas to you and yours on the bottom section of the pockets.

Original design: Paper cut to 9 x 12". Measure 4" point and create a 45 fold on each corner. Fold paper in 1/2, 1/2 again and so on till you have 8 folds. Can't remember the exact size for the pocket fold ups... but mine are 2.5" top and bottom. Glue each end to the cover flaps starting with the end flap.

Cover: measure width of booklet and score, thickness of booklet and score, width of booklet and score, spine and score and width and cut off remaining cardstock.

Cut 2 pieces of cardstock (same size) apply glue to both pieces and adhere to the other placing a paper clip between the sandwich (large part of paper clip to the outside).


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