ID: Crab Claw Box
size: 2.75"w x 3.5"h

Created: March 4, 2021

One of my Guild friends introduced me to this fun structure. She created a cute little book/box as per the instructions on Roberta Lavadour's website

No glue or adhesive of any kind, only folding...




I've only done a square box so far so I don't know if it will work with a rectangular booklet.

Use a sturdy paper not cardstock. I used a 2 side paper by Clairfontaine - Kraft Brown/Black 90gr

Measure the width of the booklet  multiply by 4 for the height and 2 times for the width of your paper plus the width of the spine. (for a 1" sq booklet with a 1/2" spine my paper will be 4" x 2.5").

Place a ruler along the left edge the width of the spine and bring the right edge to the ruler. (this will give you 1 score line for your spine). Rotate your paper so the right edge is now your left edge and repeat with the ruler. You now have 2 score lines the width of the spine.

Fold the length in half, then fold each end to the half way point. Grab a corner and fold the the spine/1st score line point. Repeat on the other 3 corners.

Cut away the area marked in red. From the center fold at the spine point cut to the to the 1/4 score line/edge of paper. Repeat on other side.

Using a 45 triangle score from the spine point to the cut edge. Repeat on 3 other places.

See folding images at bottom of page.




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