ID: Telescoping Ziggurat - I'm Possible

Created: March 1, 2023
Size: 8"h x 10"w

Our challenge for our  March 14, 2023  meeting is to try the next  structure in the book - Telescoping Ziggurat #32 from Hedi Kyle's "Art Of The Fold" book.

I don't think this is one I'll be playing with again...

I made several of them a couple using the size given and was not happy... I then started making them in various sizes, mostly with a smaller starting fold and a narrower space. These 4 are different paper heights and starting folds. Some twisted into a nice design...

I had recently made a new batch of geli print papers using Columbia Mills LBS End paper and acrylic paints. I cut them into 3 pieces of 14" and glued approx 1/8" to attach to the next piece of paper. My tallest one is 1.6" and the shortest one is 1".

Mounted to a faux leather texture piece of matboard from my stash. Pointed pen with a Nikko G nib and Sumi ink in a pointed pen style.

Words: Nothing is impossible. The word itself says 'I'm possible' Audrey Hepburn


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