ID: Star Box #33 - This n That & Bloom

Created: March 18, 2023
Modified: March 20, 2023

Our challenge for our  April 11, 2023  meeting is to try the next  structure in the book - Star  Box #33 from Hedi Kyle's "Art Of The Fold" book.

Now this one is really interesting. I was wondering if when it opens everything would fall out... but it doesn't - which is good...

So after making the box as per directions I decided to make a more square box... which is how the "Bloom" box evolved. Directions below...



ID: #33 Star Box - This n That

Size closed: 6"w x 1.5"h x 1.7" deep
Opens to: 7.7"long

I used misc white cardstock which is about 70 or 80# which I got eons ago...

I read the instructions and without making a sampler I went straight in to creating a finished box. Covered with one of my latest batch of geli prints. 

Added die cut letters from green textured cardstock for the name (Spellbinders Shapeablilities S5-199)




Closed (back)

Lid open


Lid open (1st flap)

Lid open (2nd flap)

open (all flaps)


ID: #33 Star Box - Bloom

Size closed: 3.5"w x 2.5"h x 2.5" deep
Opens to: 13"long

I used the heavier Elephant Hide paper that Annette got us from Tallas. Thanks again. It folds beautifully and is quite sturdy.

See diagram below for making this altered size.

Added pre-made flowers and added the word "Bloom" using a Zig Writer.





Fully opened (if you're careful and pay attention while opening they do stay in their compartments...


Partially open



1) Cut paper to 6"h x 20"w
2) Score horizontally 1.25" from the top and bottom edges.
3) Score vertically at 2", 4.5", 7", 9.5" & 12" (the rest is for the cover and follow directions from the book.)
4) Cut away the the small end squares as indicated (darkened area).
5) Pencil in the mid point of the 2.5" sections (top and bottom) and score lines to the horizontal score line.
6) Bottom row - fold the right triangle to the first horizontal score line and glue down. Repeat on other 3 sections. 
7) Top row fold over - right triangle to the first horizontal score line and glue down. Repeat on other 3 sections. 
8) Measure the first vertical section with the cut offs as per the books instructions. Cut 3 pieces to this dimension plus approx 1/4" for the adhesive tape/glue. Glue in place to each vertical score line starting with the 2nd score line.
9) Follow the book to create the cover.


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