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ID: Flag Booklet - Accordion Instr

Created: March 14, 2021

When I created my 1st couple of flag booklets I was very upset that I couldn't see everything at a glance without having to hold the previous pages out of the way. So I mulled it over. The result is so simple it's crazy...

For the basic flag booklet, the rule of thumb is whatever the width of your pages divide it by 2 and that's the size of each accordion fold.

An alternative is to adhere pages to every other accordion fold allowing you to make smaller folds.

For the Frame flag booklet my pages were 5"w and since I'm spanning across 4 folds I divided my page width by 4 making the folds each 1.25"w.

It basically doesn't matter where you adhere your 1st frame piece on the 1st accordion fold. I had placed mine 1/4" away from the score line. I used a c-thru ruler and placed it on the 1st score line so that my page would be perfectly straight. I then held the frame down and adhered the image insert on the 4th accordion fold. No measuring needed... It will sit and open perfectly. For the next frame piece, I held the first frame down with my left hand and adhered the 2nd frame butted up the the 1st frame making sure the bottom edge was parallel and the right distance from the base line. Held the frame down and adhered my 2nd image. 

This is all predicated that your frame border is no wider than your accordion folds and should be a minimum of 1/4" smaller than your fold.



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