ID: Explosion Booklet
size: 1.75"h x1.75"w  x1" thk (closed)
Opens to approx19"

Created: April 26, 2021

I recently saw this done by someone on Scribbled Lives and was intrigue. She didn't say where she got the instructions, but she had some good images of her booklet so... I really looked at it and this is what I came up with. There seem to be a coupe of things she did differently, but I'm content with the way this turned out.

I'm using a bunch of my geli prints I made a while back for the mini poetry books so thought I'd try to use up some of the leftovers...

Diagram of the folds at the bottom.


I Used Arches Text Wove cut to 3" squares for the green and 2.75" square for the blue and tan.

Added some Stonehenge cardstock for the covers then covered it with the geli print. Added a wrap around belt closure.

Wrote the word "Explosion" using a 3.0parallel pen and Sumi ink in an Uncial style.



I find the easiest way to start folding is at one of the corners. Note the orientation of the 2 horizontal folds versus the 3 vertical folds.

Upper right corner - M & V fold those three lines and fold the point created downward.

Fold the lower right corner - M & V fold those three lines and fold the point created upward.

Force the center diagonal V folds down to get the "V" shape. 

Repeat steps on the Upper and Lower left side.

I used a small piece of the geli print folded in half and adhered to the edge of 2 explosions like a hinge.

Differences: Mine is a point or "V" shape bottom where as the lady's is a straight bottom edge.


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