ID: ECS - Rainbow - Flag Booklet
size: 7"h x 18.5"w (totally open)
closes to 7"h x 2.5"w x 1.25"thk

Created: March 10, 2021

Our challenge for our April 6th meeting is to continue with the Flag or double Flag Books  #10 from Hedi Kyle's "Art Of The Fold" book or to just create something you feel like.

I was not liking viewing my previous projects where I couldn't see the calligraphy pieces clearly without holding them flat. I finally figured out what I needed to do BIG GRIN. So thought I'd (kill 2 birds with one stone)/project...

This is a project for the Edmonton Calligraphy Society  where the theme for March was "Rainbow" as well as The Art Of The Fold.

I accordion folded (every 1") my white cardstock (unknown brand). 

For the Rainbow word, cut the cardstock to 2"w x 2.5"h and wrote out each letter for the word on a separate cardstock. I trimmed a refill nib on the edge to get a fine point, inked it with 3 colors of Copic Alcohol ink refill (Crimson. Maize and Ultramarine). Covered the inside flaps of the cover with a navy blue Ruche cardstock and the front with a white Ruche. Wrote out the letters for the rainbow colors on the white cardstock, asses some colored pencil shading in the matching colors and added a red border with a red Zig Writer. Adhered the top and bottom edges to the front cover, leaving enough room to insert my belt made from red Ruche folded in haf for strength. One end was adhered to the cover and the other end cut to a point to slip easily under the label.

Cut the colored pieces 2"w x 3/4"h in all the colors of the rainbow.

The quote was written on pieces 2"w x 1"h using a 2.4 parallel pen and Sumi ink in an Uncial stlye.


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