ID: Diagonal Fold - Altered
size: 4.25"h x 14.25"w (totally open)
4.25"h x 4.75"w x 1"thk (approx)

Created: March 19, 2021

One of our members said we should try #23 in the book "Diagonal Fold". So I did. I used the dimensions from the book (9" x 12" pieces of paper). Simple enough. I'm looking at it and saying to myself this would be great with several of them creating like a folder...

I'm using Columbia Mills LBS End Paper, which folds nicely, has a good weight and is sturdy. I did some abstract marks with watercolors and a wide brush.

Note: your half way point is not at the same point as with the plain structures. Take the length of your paper, minus the spine, now fold your paper to that spine edge and you have your half way point. I only used 1 spine edge for the calculations, incorporating the top fold over edge into the other flap section.

The next size up was 9" x 14" and then the holder size was 9.5" x 17" (see diagram below for the extra fold points.)

After creating all the structures I - did a 3 hole pamphlet stitch of the 2 smaller structures onto a piece of cardstock the width and length of the spine, then glued it onto the spine of the larger structure.


side view






Flaps Open


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