Xmas Cards for 2006





Xmas Cards for 2006

5.5"w x 4.25"h

I made 4 styles of paper sculpture, making a series of about 20 per style. 

I used a value pack white cardstock for this card. The border on the card was sponged on using golden fluid acrylics in gold's and bronze's using a sea sponge. I did an inner outline border using my technical pen and Dr Martin's bronze acrylic ink. The word "wishes was done with a black micron pen. I adhered the paper sculpture with Golden's soft gel medium filling all the crevices to give support and prevent the item being flattened.  

The paper sculpture was done by making a sculpey mold from an xmas stamp, baked and cooled. I used 4 layers of toilet paper, wetting and coloring the layers. When dry I added more color using all the gold's and bronze's from Twinkles H2o's

Inside the card: I wrote the words on the left page using a Pentel parallel pen and black ink, scanned it and then printed it out.

Words" ...can come true it can happen to you if your... (I just realized the spelling mistake as I'm typing this. Too late to change it - Ha ha Ha)

The words on the right page are a rubber stamp and color box multi colored stamp pad ink.


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