ID: Cody Birthday Card
Closed: 5.75"w x 7"h
Open: 11.75 w

I started out finding as many logo images pertaining to snowboarding that I could find. I then used Adobe Photo Deluxe to arrange, overlap and tilt the images until I liked what I saw. I printed it out and cut it into rectangles to stick on the "cupboard" doors. Rubber stamped the words "Make a wish" in black and embossed it with black detail. Added the white circles and attached them to the card with Antique brass snap eyelets. Tied some red waxed linen thread to the left side and wrapped it around the right side to keep the card closed. Untie it to open the cupboard doors.


Card Standing Open


Card inside without the boards

I used a red Bazill Monochromatic cardstock. Gate folded it with extensions on both gates to fold upward to create the pockets which I cut at an angle. The eyelets from the front are hidden behind the peak of each fold. I wrote in the words "Snowboard" & "Wakeboard" in Rennie Mackintosh Monoline alphabet. The words as well as the mountains and 

waves are done with a diluted bleed proof white ink and a quill nib. The word "Happy" is a funky lettering done with colored pencils. "Live, Love, Laugh" has a very light touch of colored pencils as well. The word "Birthday" is done with a black micron pen and then I added Stickles yellow dots on each letter.

CodyGrad_SnowBoard   CodyGrad_WakeBoard

Snow board & Wake Board


I needed to find images of boards on the internet because I was totally ignorant of what these boards looked like. I got the basic shapes and then designed graphics for each, incorporating Cody's name on both. Used colored pencils and black micron pen for the artwork. Glued it to a piece of mat board and edged it with a black Zig marker. On the back of each I put a quote using the New Celtic Monoline alphabet. I then gave it a coat of Dorland's wax. 

Quotes: We do not remember days, we remember moments. Cesare Pavese

There are those who give with joy and the joy is their reward. Kahlil Gibran



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