ID: VSN May 2011 - Quotes  - Pyramid Card
closed: 8.5"
 x 5.5"
Opens to 6"w x 5"d x 7"h

Created: May 23, 2011

This is another of my submissions for the Vamp Stamp Magazine for the July 2011 issue with the theme of "Text as the focal image".

I came across this card structure a while back and finally resurrected it. It was originally done with 3 squares of cardstock, adhered to each other. I decided to make one with a single piece of cardstock... It uses a basic 8.5 x 11" cardstock.


Note: the card is based on square shapes, so on an 11" side of the cardstock, you can use anything up to a 5.5" square.

So starting at the left upper corner, measure the size of your square, I used 5.5" (A-1 on template). Mark that point. From that point and along the same line, mark another 5.5" dot. Again starting at the  upper left hand corner, go down along your cardstock and mark the 5.5" point (A-2 on template). Do the same along the right hand side. You can lightly pencil in a line between these two dots.

Score diagonally on both sides as per template using your dots as markers. Score vertically as per template. Measure along both diagonal lines and mark your 5.5" point (A-3 on template). Lightly pencil in a line to complete the square aligning with center line. Cut along solid lines as per template.

Cut out a template of your triangular shape to decorate. Cut it a bit smaller so a border from your main cardstock peaks out. set aside.

Make a woven piece using various strips of decorated quilling strips. Adhere to a thin piece of cardstock to hold everything together. Glue any loose ends. Using the triangular template, cut out your woven pieces, making sure you have enough for all three sides. set aside.

Using the triangle template again, mark a line to have a visual horizontal line for your stamping. Place under your clear plastic. Stamp your quote with the Staz-On and clear emboss. Position over template till happy with the position, then cut out. Sand well in circular motion on the back to make the words stand out more. Continue sanding very lightly into the open areas. Repeat for other two sides. Attach the stamped plastic to the woven piece, punching holes and placing the diamond brads. set aside.

Make a duplicate triangular template, cutting it off so it sits under where the woven piece ends. Emboss the Oriental Weave pattern on the Aqua cardstock. Cut out using template. Adhere the aqua cardstock and the woven pieces to the unopened sides.

On the open triangles adhere the aqua piece as shown, leaving about 1/3" unglued. Adhere the woven piece to the card, leaving the area unglued where the aqua will slip under.


Left Side of pyramid

right side of pyramid

Back side of pyramid. The two halves of the last side are laying flat and card can now be folded in half to close. Note: The aqua piece slips between the card and woven piece to hold the card in the pyramid shape.

template - dotted lines are fold lines and solid lines are cut lines. The red colored area is where your design elements will go.

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