ID: VSN June 2011 - Solid Stamp  - Queen Anne Lace  Friends
Size: 5"w
 x 7"h

Created: June 6, 2011
Modified: August 9, 2011 (Leaf Border Image)

This is another of my submissions for the Vamp Stamp Magazine for the August 2011 issue (but it seems it didn't get put in or put on the web page...) with the theme of "Solid Stamps".

This card uses my Cricut, and am using the negative portion of a leaf frame. It's a simple design created with the bullet tip of a Zig Writer.


Now if you are using the negative portion from the previous cut out, (see that card HERE) place a piece of double sided tape, make sure it's wide enough to give you a border over the pieces on your mat. Press down only on the cardstock pieces and carefully lift up the tape, helping it along to remove the pieces stuck to the mat. You preferably want a not too sticky mat. NOTE: Try not to press the tape to the mat, it becomes difficult to remove. When its removed, sprinkle the Ritz Micro Fine Glitter Peridot all over and burnish. Remove all excess glitter and wipe down your piece with a lightly, misted with water, piece of paper towel. Trim down to the finished size for your card. Lift up a small section of the release paper on the left hand side that will be put near the fold of your card. Holding the adhesive taught, place it on your card, press down so the adhesive is sticking securely, then slowly start to remove the rest of the release paper, pressing down as you do.

If you don't have an electronic cutting machine with the appropriate software, you can draw your design on one side of the release paper from a sheet of Sookwang tape, cut around your shapes, place cut out on your card and sprinkle and burnish with your glitter.

I inked up only the flower portion of the queen Anne's Lace with Perfect medium and embossed with Puff's White embossing powder. It gave a textured 3D effect because the embossing powder puffs up when heated which is perfect for this type of flower. I repeated the stamping and embossing on each flower to give an almost ghost image of some petals and a fuller flower area. I then cleaned my stamp and inked up only the stem, again with the Perfect Medium, sprinkled Magnolia embossing powder and cleaned the powder away from my flower, then heat set.

Stamped the quote (Quietfire Design) with the Perfect Medium and embossed with Top Boss Mac 'n Cheese" embossing powder.

Adhered the black layer onto my yellow main card.

Sorry, but it seems I can't include Zip, SVG or Scut files on my website, so, please click LEAF BORDER for an image you can save to your computer and alter as necessary.



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