ID: VSN July 2010 - Fabric - Create Pouch
 x 5.5"h (opens to 13")

Created: July 17, 2010
This is another submission for the Vamp Stamp Magazine for the September 2010 issue with the theme of "Fabric Postcard & journals".

This pouch was made to hold a small Zutter coiled journal (4.25w x 5.5"h) I made - and that still needs decorating. I used basic copy paper and cut it into four pieces. The covers are mat Board)


I used a medium/thin weight unprimed canvas. Used various acrylic paints (Liquitex, some Golden Fluid acrylics & Delta Ceramcoat). All paints were diluted to the consistency of milk. This leaves the canvas very pliable and soft feeling. If the paints are too thick, the canvas becomes very stiff and not very nice feeling. The colors I used were in the light to medium toned yellow and bunches of greens with a bit of Cadmium Yellow.

I stamped the background using all kinds of stamps (Decor foam stamps, rubber stamps, hand made stamps from fun foam). I stamped mostly with the acrylic paints (cleaning my stamp immediately).

When dry I wrote in my words with a permanent black pen (Sharpie and Zig Writer), then colored in with Prisma colors, gel pens, some acrylic paints, and doodling etc.

When everything was done, I went back in with some rubber stamps and a black Versafine stamp pad - for the word Passion, and the quote, and the words Flourish & Grow (all from Quietfire Design). Some words are upside down and when you wrap your fabric around your journal you'll notice what was right side up becomes upside down. It's ok, some of my words are still upside down when wrapped.

The beads were made from scraps of decorated paper I had lying around. Rather than cut the strips in a equilateral triangle shape. I cut them with a right angle triangle, creating a cone shaped bead. Glued the end down and then put a coating of Perfect medium and embossing with clear UTEE.

I used my sewing machine, a zig zag stitch, and dark blue thread (I was too lazy to change the bobbins), protecting the edges and creating the pouch. I added a small loop to string my cord through. Attached one of my regular beads at the loop and tied a knot, then attached my cone beads with wood beads between and tied knots.

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