ID: MC Feb/20 - Roses - True Friendship" card
size: 5"w x 7"H 

Created: February 1, 2020

As mentioned before I wanted to do more water coloring this year and asked my friends what their favorite flower and color were... and that's my inspiration for the flower cards coming. BIG GRIN.

And since I'm taking a pointed pen class taught by Kerri Forster this month thought I'd use that type of lettering...




Drew the roses onto CP watercolor paper using a pointed nib and FW acrylic ink.

I used Daniel Smith water colors (see image below for pic of my  palettes) to paint my flowers.

Wrote my text using a Zebra G nib with "Purple Lake" FW acrylic ink in a modern pointed pen calligraphy style lettering.

Sponged some Distress around the edges. Trimmed down and adhered t a textured soft purple cardstock then onto my white cardstock card.



On the inside:

Wrote out the words with the Nikko nib and the purple ink. 

I bought these containers thinking to use them for my Daniel Smith water colors... I have a ton of them and all my other palettes were too limiting. These have little individual containers that have a magnetic strip to hold them in the container. As you can see there are 40 containers for each palette and I still have more to come... I ordered a set of 2 more which should be here in a week or so and I can get the rest of my browns/neutrals, duochromas and iridescents. I'll be so happy. I'm loving using these already. The lid makes a good mixing surface too although I usually use my colors straight. I made a sampler of each color, including a number both on the sampler and the little containers in case they spill out.

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