ID: CRAFT Challenge #11 Aug/09 Letters
Size 5"w x 7"h

Created: Aug 8, 2009

The CRAFT challenge #11 for Aug/09 is to create something with 2 buttons, 2 squares and 3 papers.

OK, an online friend just asked me a question about Perfect Ink refresher. She was doing some things with the Paper Transformed book by Julia Andrus and wondered whether she could use a clear stamp pad instead of the refresher. I've had this spray bottle for eons and I think I used it maybe once. So I got curious and tried a technique from the book using the refresher. The Ostrich Leather Paper.

Well I have to say, it was a surprise when I sprayed the refresher on some beige cardstock. I thought it would be more like misted water, but it wasn't. It landed on the paper, but didn't sink in like water would. When I rubbed with my fingers it felt like it was a coating or something. I know I've felt something like this before, but it's eluding me as to when and where or what.


So the background was done on beige cardstock, misted with the refresher on both sides, refresher rubbed into cardstock with fingers, then cardstock was crinkled and scrunch several times until I got the creased look I wanted. Ironed flat. Misted lightly with water on both sides and using a foam mat, pounced the handle of a brush all over on one side only. Lightly ironed on the pounced side only. Turned cardstock over and lightly rubbed with a Distress stamp pad, "Frayed Burlap" & then "Tea Dye"

Another friend had given me a bunch of little off cuts and stuff, which I had put to the side. I'm starting to resurrect stuff, so came across it. Punched out the flowers from an oriental gold printed red paper (big Sakura type flower), then a gold speckled white paper, then a pink vellum (both from a daisy type punch). Added the mother of pearl floral button with some pink waxed linen thread and glued it to a gold speckled white paper square.

So the layers are, a gold parchment cardstock for the main card, a brown cardstock, the Ostrich Leather paper, the 2 squares with flowers, and a horizontal piece of gold speckled white paper with the quote (Quietfire Design "I write you letters") done with Versafine Black Onyx.




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