Card closed

ID: Rita BD Group Card 08
Open: 18"w x 8.5"h
Closed 7"w x 8.5"h

Created: February 29, 2008

I started out with a large piece of Fabriano Tiziano cardstock (white). I scanned the cupcake images into my computer and then crated 50 of them, tilting some this way and that. Printed it out and colored them with colored pencils. Used 3D fabric paint to add dimensional details. Put a bit of Diamond Glaze on the cherries to give them some gloss. Wrote in the words "Choose your poison oops Flavour" and Happy 50th Rita" with a gel pen and shadow outlined it wit a black micron pen.

She asked me to try and include a song she likes. It's by Cat Stevens called You want to sing out, sing out. I hand lettered it using the Rennie Mackintosh monolines, scanned it in my computer, reverse printed it using a laser printer and then with a Chartpak pen transfered the words to the card. Added some aqua pastels around the edges to make it less white looking. When everyone has signed the cupcakes it will be quite full. I'll be curious to see if people stay with the cupcake lines...


Card inside


Inside Flap

I used a marbled Thai paper in an aqua with gold paper and covered the front and the inside flap. Added the strip on the left side using Lumiere Gold and Aqua paint in a streaky manner. Put my words on a aqua cardstock, and used colored pencils to color them in, starting with white before applying my colors. Then mounted it to a piece of white cardstock and then to the card front. I had the ear bug of "%0 ways to know your lover". Don't know if it's a real ear bug or just one I made up, but it sounded good. Crossed off the word Lover and put "oops Friends"

On the inside flap I used one of my Gold Happy Birthday Peel Offs.




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